Unlike weapons, ammunitions are for a single-use only.  Without ammunitions, weapons are not really useful. Because they are ephemeral and essential, they are sought-after in war, tensions or criminality zones. Their availability can have an impact on the evolution and the outcome of a conflict.  Despite these facts, it is clear that States do not care as much about ammunitions as they do about weapons. When they are not totally excluded from the international and regional SALW instruments, their controls are barely mentioned.  

GRIP’s analyses on the subject underline the importance of strict rules on the manufacturing, sale, transfer and use of ammunitions. These rules are linked with the efforts to combat uncontrolled SALW proliferation. GRIP assesses the relevance and the feasibility of ammunitions marking and tracing. It focuses on the strengthening of control measures and management of stockpiles of ammunitions as well.   

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