Marquage et traçage

Marking and Tracing

Tracing involves a systematic monitoring of the path followed by arms and ammunitions, from the manufacturer to the end user. It is a unique tool to identify a weapon, its source and its transfers; the goal is to find who illicitly produced it and who is responsible for its illicit transfer or diversion.  There are two necessary conditions for an effective tracing mechanism: on the one hand, the marking of the inscriptions enabling to identify a weapon or ammunitions, and, on the other hand, the listing of their transfers in adequate national/regional registers by the relevant actors. Since 1998, GRIP has specialised in the analysis of SALW marking and tracing. It was a pioneer in the field and its expertise is often requested for the implementation of regional / international instruments regarding SALW, like tracing, marking and arms registration mechanisms. GRIP is involved in the UN Small Arms Process and monitors the latest technological and practical developments of SALW – and their munitions- marking and tracing. 

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