Berghezan Georges

Georges Berghezan worked at GRIP during the 1980s’.  He re-joined GRIP at the beginning of the 2000s’. Since then, he has focused on the numerous “post-Cold War” conflicts, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa, and on the instruments used in many of these wars, the small arms and light weapons, whose possession and transfers are only now beginning to be regulated.

Georges Berghezan’s activities are revolving around two themes – Africa and small arms. He made several trips to Central Africa in order to conduct or coordinate research. He also organised training activities for the civil society, for instance through the RAFAL network of which he is one of the coordinator. The issue of arms trafficking, and by extension of drugs and other goods, is at the core of his research, especially when linked to the violation of international embargos. Last but not least, he monitors the situation in the Balkan, region in which he did numerous reports during the wars in the former Yugoslavia.