Politique étrangère et de défense de l’UE

Foreign and Defence Policy of the European Union

The role of the European Union is at the core of GRIP’s work on conflicts and peace. GRIP’s work programme revolves around four main themes. The first one is Common Foreign and Security Policy and Common Security and Defence Policy (CFSP and CSDP). GRIP monitors the reforms of the Treaty of Lisbon and the appearance of the industrial military and security system of the EU. The second theme is the identity of the EU beyond its borders and the European integration issue. GRIP pays also attention to the concrete policies of the European Union regarding conflict prevention and management. It is interested in the collective security stakes arising from the environmental damage and climate change. Last but not least, the EU faces new strategic challenges due to the emergence of new powers, as in Asia-Pacific. GRIP addresses this question through its Defence and Security in Asia-Pacific programme.        

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