Mampaey Luc

Luc Mampaey holds a PhD in Economics (University of Versailles Saint-Quentin, France), M.Eng. in Business (HEC St. Louis), and also holds a DES in Environmental Management (ULB / IGEAT).

He joined GRIP in 1994, and served successively as a researcher, project manager, and deputy-director before being appointed director of GRIP in May 2012. He has published numerous papers and articles and contributed to several books on the evolution of the defence industry in the United States and in the European Union and more generally on issues related to defence economics. He coordinates GRIP's research on arms production and restructuring and governance in the arms industry.

Prior to joining GRIP, Luc Mampaey was NCO in the Belgian Armed Forces (1975-1983) and held various positions in TEAMCO SA, a private company in the aerospace sector (1983-1993).