Craft firearms in Cameroon: urgent need of a coherent legislation to govern traditional practices

04 April 2016

In Cameroon, the craft firearms are mainly produced in two neighbouring regions, the West and the Northwest. After a short presentation of the characteristics of these regions and of the few knowledge available about these weapons in the country, we examine the legal frame, on the national and local scale, and highlight some of its gaps.

The outcomes of the field survey realized by local collaborators of GRIP are then presented. Several trends emerge, concerning the main types of the guns in circulation, the use and the users of these weapons, the importance of the production and the attitude of the holders and manufacturers towards the legal requirements.

Finally, some recommendations are addressed to the Cameroonian authorities so that, in a new law currently prepared, the control of craft weapons takes into account the sociocultural context in order to attain a maximal efficiency.

Crédit photo: Gaius Ngongang Tchamen - munitions dans le Noun, Cameroun