Indonesia: From Regional to Global Power?

07 May 2014

On April 9, Indonesians elected a new Parliament. In July, they will be back to the polls for Presidential elections. These elections, however, may not bring as many changes to the country’s foreign policy as many would expect. Faces may change in Jakarta, but structural factors will continue to weigh heavily on the country’s international strategy. Indonesia is a rising power, building a buoyant international outlook on the back of a growing economy and changing geostrategic environment. In these times of changes, Jakarta is pursuing a consistent agenda, acting with increasing self-confidence on the international stage. But is the country ready to play a prominent role not only in regional but also in global affairs? On what strength can Indonesia build itself? And what are the hindrances to Indonesia’s rise? Is Indonesia indeed poised to become a global power?

(Photo credit: jpatokal at en.wikipedia (Wayang Kulit performance))