Mexico: López Obrador’s Security Policy, an impossible demilitarization?

18 May 2020

Mexico is in the grip of a major security crisis. Over the past decade, it has resulted in an exponential increase in insecurity and homicides linked to organized crime. The pivotal position of the country between the United States and Central and South America is one of the determining factors of this crisis. Mexico remains the transit country for drug trafficking from South America, American arms, and Central American migratory flows to the United States. While crime remains a challenge for Mexican democracy, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador was elected in July 2018 on the promise of a pacification policy that breaks with the logic of militarization of his predecessors. This Analysis Note offers a perspective on the security approach of the new Mexican president, in light of the challenges encountered during his first year in office

Photo credit: Président López Obrador (