Practices and issues of small arms and light weapons control in Senegal

25 May 2016

In West Africa, where armed groups are still active and jihadist terrorism is growing, the proliferation and illicit circulation of small arms and light weapons (SALW) remains a major security challenge. Despite the low intensity conflict in Casamance and the presence of armed crime in certain areas of the country, Senegal is emerging as one of the countries least affected by armed violence in the sub-region. Besides good governance in Senegal, limiting the grounds for armed confrontations, the various measures for the control of SALW taken by that country may also explain this result. This note examines the SALW issues in Senegal and analyses the initiatives and control measures undertaken in this area.

(Photo Credit: Oeil d' d’armes: Le Sénégal traîne le pas pour sa ratification)