Is the Mali Centre an epicenter of djihadism?

20 May 2016

The proliferation of violent episodes in the center of Mali since the middle of 2015, shows how fragile peace is in the country. The signing of peace agreements and the beginning of a reconciliation process certainly marks a step forward for the government, but stability remains fragile in the Centre and North. In the absence of state authority, disparate groups claiming a jihadist movement whose name they do not even know, dictate law and take revenge of their opponents / enemies in central Mali. Thus, in the Macina, transhumant pastoralists, not wanting to submit to the rules established by their traditional leaders (dioros) guaranteed by the administration for the exploitation of pastures, armed themselves and decided not to pay taxes for access to bourgous (forage crops). They are considered to be jihadists. Jihad thus appears as a simple instrumental option for objectives other than the dissemination of rigorous faith.

(Photo: Participants to the forum of Dewral Pulaaku at the Peul camp of Serma (Douentza). @B. Sangaré, October 2014)